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ClixSense Vs. Neobux : Battle of the PTC Kings

ClixSense Neobux compare PTC

ClixSense Vs. Neobux

Those are truly the two main PTC (Paid To Click) sites on the internet at the time being, and they both have been so for a very long time giving them legitimacy and solid reputation in the industry, (ClixSense was launched late 2006, while Neobux followed in the first quarter of 2008 so not much of generational gap really).

However, its something in the human nature to want to know which is number one, this human inclination is enhanced when it comes to how much more money can be made and how greedy that makes us (That is good in accordance with Gordon Gekko on Money) and for that very reason, no matter what any one says, I know that every body reading this will be registering on both sites if not there already.

I will not take sides as I am actually on both (to give this post credibility, me some knowledge and yes.. i’m greedy too), second reason for not taking sides is that I feel both have signature features that the other don’t, and for beginners one is easier then the other (ill leave it to you to judge from your experience), what ill do though is give you a comparative study of both networks,

9 Things to Consider

Language SupportEnglish only so far9 languages so far
UpgradeOne payment unlocks all upgrades 6 levels of upgrade each with a payment
Jobs and PrizesMore jobs but harder to win the PrizeLessor jobs but much better chances of wining the daily prizes
Referral Open referral (8 levels deep)100 referrals before being forced to upgrade
Rented ReferralsNo rental option Main feature and can be very rewarding or very modest
Payments Rewards Slightly lessor pay per taskHigher pay per task
Advertiser Reasonable packages More attractive packages for advertiser
Payment Threshold Higher threshold at the beginning and only pays twice a weeksmaller threshold but increases, however, immediate payments to paypal


Both are free to start with, but on both, you cant expect to really earn money unless you take matters more seriously and go to the next level (upgrade), the difference between both systems is unmistakable here:

Neobux Upgrade is way higher then its counterpart at 90$ annual, and this is for one level of upgrade (6 levels).

Clixsense Upgrade stands at an easy to live with 17 $ with no more levels after that to keep on upgrading to.

Jobs and Prizes

Neobux there are fewer ads and surveys on the free version and upgrade one here then in Clixsense but you may win the Adpriz here more often then you are expected to win clixgrid.

Clixsense More ads on daily bases but lessor chances on wining the daily prize and the prize is not as robust as the one on Neobux.


Neobux allows only 100 referrals before you are forced to go for another upgrade (another 90$ a year).

Clixsense Open referral count and you keep on earning 8 levels deep.

Rented Referrals

This needs a little more explanation, if your starting out and have no leads and couldn’t convert enough into referrals to work under you, you will find that your income rally lingers in the narrowest of margins, Neobux main feature is that it allows you to “rent” active referrals under you whom are hopefully active and will make them self money and you in the process, you can use them for the month you have them for and then renew the lease with the active ones and keep your fingers crossed that those are going to stay interested and dedicated for another period of time.

This is good and bad, its good for obvious reasons but its bad because you may spend 40$ on few 100’s of referrals and make no more then 30$, but you could also make over the threshold of what you’ve spend as well (gamble any one).

Neobux has a referral rental program

Clixsense does not have a rental referral program

Payments Rewards

Neobux Generally has higher pay for tasks, but as we mentioned little fewer a day, its worth mentioning that its much rarer to get flash long adverts to watch for example (30 sec and pay more) here then on clixsense.

Clixsense has lower payment per task to Neobux but has slightly more ads a day per user.


Neobux I would have to say that Neobux has better packages for advertisers (more freebees) then clixsense.

Clixsense has a reasonable offer for advertisers but not as generous as Neobux.

Payment Threshold

Neobux is better in this field and for two reasons, the minimum payment is 2$ on the first withdraw (it goes up by a dollar each subsequent time until you reach 10 $ though), secondly, its deposited instantaneously into your PayPal account.

Pay Through: Paypal | Payza (Shared)| Skrill | Neteller

Clixsense Requires 8$ for the standard member and 6$ for the upgraded one minimum per payment release (no increase) and it pays twice a week (Fri|Mon).

Pay Through: Paypal | Payza (Shared)| Payoneer | PayToo | Tango Card

Update: as of February 6th 2017 Paypal is no longer supported on Clixsense as posted on their website in a longish article:

On Monday February 6th Paypal placed a hold on our account. They advised me that due to new policy changes the ClixSense business model was now in violation of their user agreement and we would have to stop processing all payments (in and payments out).
We attribute this change to the large amount of fly by night PTC, HYIPs, traffic exchanges etc that have made this industry look bad for those that actually run a legitimate business.

Surveys (additional point)

If you are going to focus on surveys to earn money then I suggest you focus on Clixsense and you MUST be in the US, the problem with surveys is that they are long (Minimum 15 minutes) and they would only tell you if you qualify to get paid or not at the end or after you’ve crossed half of it, the reason why you don’t qualify I find mainly is that they are looking for US based clients to give opinion on US based products, but no one tells you this at the get go!

With Neobux the number of Surveys is just too little to make it viable and its also not free of the US based priority i mentioned above.

Browser Plugins & Forums

Those are similar on both sites, they both have an active forum and you can add to most common browsers a plugin of either systems to keep you up to date.