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How Much Money Will I Make With Adsense

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How Much Money Will I Make With Adsense

Now, and assuming that your site is running and active, you have managed to convince Adsense of its worthiness (You can alternatively decided to not spend more time trying to meet google requirements and simply go with other AdSense alternatives) But we will focus on Adsense today.

Adsense and Adwords together form both sides of google’s phenomenally strong advertising arm, and there is perhaps no stronger arm online anywhere! they accounts for nearly 90% of all revenue this internet beast generates (google makes over 74 Billion $ annual).

Google is so lucrative that if it was a country, its GDP would put it at number 69 out of the 196 countries that are measurable worldwide, in 2014 the company gave away over One billon in free products in addition to donating 350 million $ to charity, think of that next time you would like to work with google or not.


The magic with google lays in its simplicity,

Clearly adsense is the most stable and known amongst all CPC / CPM providers and a must go to site when you start monetizing your online property, the magic with with it lays in its simplicity, join and insert a code into your page and the rest is done by them.


Google in Neither the best payer in the market nor is it the easiest to deal with.

That said, google is neither the best payer in the market nor is it the easiest to maintain a relation with, they became very hard to join, very easy to ban and at any stage of your partnership with them, i guess it comes with having to deal with too many wise guys trying to abuse the system and surely with the volume of sites wishing to join their ranks, simple supply and demand really.

Now to the one million dollar question that resounds with all new comers around the world, How Much Money will i make with Adsense, there cant be a more straight forward question and a lessor direct reply, you see, there is an untold number of categories with which your evaluated and therefore paid by Adsense, allow me to consolidate whats know:

1.Google Adsense pays little over 2/3rd of what ever the advertisers are welling to pay any site any where.

2. Very roughly speaking now, the average CPM in the US is 1$ and from 0.1 Cents (average of 0.25 Cents) worldwide.

3. Adsense started out with one way of making money, now its three, the first is CPC (Cost Per Click), where your paid every time the link on your site is clicked, what the visiter do from their is not your concern, Secondly; CPM (Cost Per Mile) or thousand impressions, this is when you are paid a flat pre agreed on fee for every 1000 impressions no mater if the visitor will click on a link or not, and finally, you can make money through CPE (Cost Per Engagement) this is where the advertiser defines an action your visitor need to fulfil for him to pay you, this can be from watching a video to completing a poll.

4. Some niches are far more better in payment then others; Finance, Internet Marketing, Technology and health pay much more thenJokes, Wallpapers, Quotes,for instance.

6. Adsense don’t actually decide how much to pay any one, its the advertisers who are bidding in an auction and deciding how much they value your site, google actually is working to get the bet deal for you and them as they get paid when you do.

Adsense don’t actually decide how much to pay any one, its the advertisers

7. Geographical location mean a lot to google because they do understand the nature of their client, for example, Google studied and noticed that clients from india and china do more browsing and less conversion then their counter part in the west, so they price the Clicks accordingly, secondly, advertisers know that too, so they would pay as much in some places as they would in others.

8. Unfocused traffic, no matter how much that is will not raise your click or view payment ratio, in fact, if you have a focused group of people coming to an authority site say on Tec Review, then the site owner will get much higher price per 1000 then a site that is about general news with many times higher visitor volume.

9. CTR (Click-through rate), to explain further, this is how many of your visitors are actually active and doing what the advertiser wishes then to do, this is extremely important in your ranking and financial rewards, a standard CTR should be 1-3%, a niche site may reach over 20% making it more valuable to advertisers many times over then the standard one, this of course assuming the site meets aesthetics and other factors that the visitors (and google) find attractive.

10. Bounce Rate, this isn’t really related to Adsense per say, but it is very important to how much money you make, bounce rate is: the percentage of visitors to your site that viewed nothing aside from the page the landed on (One pagers), what you need is people spending time on the site and flipping pages, the more the flip the more you make money through page views.

Making 100$ Daily Logic

Barometers Assumption
CTR (Click Through Rate)1%
Annual Earning 36,500 $
Daily Earning 100 $
CPC (Cost Per Click)0.3 Cents
Clicks Needed Daily334
Page Views (CTR at 1%)
Bounce Rate (Number of single page view visitors on your site)100% *worst case scenario
Visitors Needed Daily
(Bounce Rate 100%)

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